Chinese Ink

46.5 cm x 59 cm 


John LI 李東強


John Li graduated from the Fine Arts Department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1962. Then he furthered his studies at the University of Iowa and achieved M.A. degree in Drawing and M.F.A. Li, also studied at the Brighton Polytechnic in 80’s. He has been teaching at the Chinese University, Baptist University and the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.

His works are collected by museums, art institutes and universities such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


In art creation, there is no boundary in the use of materials & forms of presentation. I use the same painting practice in both lithograph and ink painting. A print is like a painting, inscriptions and colors can both be applied. In today’s art scene, a print can virtually be a painting.








Chinese Calligraphy


Ink in paper

147 cm x 47 cm


Yun Woon LEE 李潤桓


Yun Woon LEE graduated from the Fine Arts Department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1964 and obtained MPhil from University of Hong Kong in 1972.  He was Former Chairman and Professor of Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Now he is Honorary Research Fellow, Art Museum, Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Museum Expert Advisers (Chinese Painting and Calligraphy),  Leisure and Culture Services Department, Hong Kong.


Six character couplet in clerical script.







Tree Grove By Village Rivulet; Green Peak Projecting From Afar


Chinese brush painting with ink and colour on rice paper

70 cm x 50 cm


Mabel Wai Yin LEUNG



Born in Hong Kong. Got her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, under the teachings of contemporary renowned artists Yen Yung Ting, Shin Wen Chen, Johnson Chow and others. Worked as social worker since 1970 and moved to live in Vancouver in1994. For the past years, has run her studio to promote painting as a pleasure and contributed to multicultural art activities in the local community. Participated in numerous art exhibitions in Hong Kong and elsewhere; her works been collected by galleries and private individuals.


Chinese landscape paintings stress on impressional effect. A panorama view can be minimized to a measure of inches and yet the details are well presented. Viewing paintings on landscape is both pleasurable and enlivening.







Landscape #1


Ink & Water Colours on Paper

137 cm x 68 cm


Peter Sui Shan CHAN



Born in Hong Kong in 1948, Chan was educated in Hong Kong and London. After working as a fine arts teacher and a museum curator, he has retired and concentrated in his painting of both Chinese and western media. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas.


Chan’s paintings are depictions of landscape and botanical themes and their transformations, showing his pursuits of lust of nature and true life. They are versed in ascents of free brushwork that of a Chinese scholar.







30 cm Wild Cursive


Ink on X'uan paper

30 cm x 40 cm


Loi Che CHAN 陳耐持


Independent artist, member of the GSA Artists Association, the Netherlands. Started as registered interpreter Dutch/ Chinese in the Netherlands, and then 18 years as chief editor Radio for Chinese at the Dutch National Broadcasting Service. 10 years ago continue her work full time as artist, had studied a short period in Amsterdam Art Academy.

A fragment from the exhibition “Endless Rhythm-1000 meter poems in wild cursive” exhibited in the NDSM shipyard in June 2013.







Calligraphy in Cursive script


Ink on paper

259 cm x 70 cm


Si-tai SOU 蘇思棣


Sou participate in various art activities in recent years including Chinese calligraphy and paintin, guqin music teaching and performance, kuanqu music accompaniment.

Sou also music instruments including guqin and bamboo flute.


‘Lodge among the bamboos’

A poem by Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty.







Chinese calligraphy


Water and Ink on paper

70cm x 47cm


Suet Yee AU 歐雪儀


Born in Hong Kong. Receive a Postgraduate Diploma of Art Education from Chinese University of 1978. Panel Head of Visual Arts Department at Munsang College of HK .(1978-2013). Specializes in Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy and her works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas.


Chinese calligraphy : “Prajna-paramita” in running script.














A trip in Europe


Ink on rice paper

1400cm x35cm


Yin Fun JOR 左燕芬


Born and educated in HK.  Jor granted a scholarship by the Japanese Government Education Department in 1981,  in 1985 she went to Yugoslavia , and moved back to Hong Kong in 1991 . Worked as teacher before retired. Holding a studio in JCCAC , she work as an artist and educator in Chinese painting in HK now.


This roll recorded the trip of Jor and her friends in 2013, started from Temska in Serbia, the village of her husband and also ended in Temska. It showed the village life and monastery and places she draw on the way.  Just like a dairy in the point of view of Chinese roll painting.







City life imagery


Digital Print on paper

24.5 x 24.5 cm


Kwai Shun MA 馬桂順


He took part in many exhibitions including “Dialogue between Water-based Colour Printmaking and Ink Painting”, “Taipei Invitation Exhibition of Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting”,“2010 Hong Kong and Macau Visual Arts Exhibition” in Beijing. He was awarded “The Prize of Ink Painting”from the “Invited Exhibition of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan: The 9th Chinese National Art Exhibition” in 1999.


The work is developed through brush pen and ink drawing and later transformed into a digital file for experimentation by using computer. It aims to reflect the artist’s spontaneous impression of various aspects of local city life.






LIU Siu Jane


Dancing in Water no. 32



38.2 X 30·5 cm


Siu Jane LIU 廖少珍


1976 achieved B.A.(Hons.)degree, then further studies at the St. Martin’s School of Art, London and the University of Illinois at Chicago obtained the M.F.A. in 1981.

In 2000, she set up the‘Art Horizon Printmaking Workshop’to promote printmaking activities and research.

Liu has hosted solo exhibitions as well as participated in numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong

and overseas. Her art works are collected by local and overseas museums, art institutes, and privates.


Lithograph is the most direct genre in printmaking. I use Chinese brush with lithograph ink to achieve the effect of brushes and strokes with water and ink. The ink marks are fascinating.








Listening to the sound of waves and wind


Ink on paper

148cm x 96 cm


May KWOK 郭玉美


May is known for her poetic landscapes and Chinese calligraphy. She was awarded “the Famous Overseas Artist” by the People's Daily Newspaper in 2003 and received the Chief Executive's Award in Teaching Excellence. May has hosted solo exhibitions as well as participated in numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas. Her artworks are collected by local and overseas art institutes and privates.


Resonating with the wind and waves, I feel I am the integral part of nature. It’s so comfortable to breath the fresh air and roaming freely with the movement of Feng shui.







Passion 01


Computerized painting



Chung-kuen TSO 曹仲權


Born in 1954 in Hong Kong and graduated in Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1978. In 1982 won the scholarship to study in Italy, since then live and work in Italy until now. Like to remake famous works in the past in his own way. Works are collected by privates and public in Spain, Italy, Britain and Hong Kong.


Start with a corrupted image file, add effect by image software and join with the casual effect from the computer during the reading of the corrupted file, there will be unexpected beauty and infinitive image effect by the collision of programmed effect and casual effect.








Graceful Mountain and Peculiar Rock Reaching Up to the Sky


Chinese painting on rice paper

 75 cm x 140 cm


Han POON 潘小嫻


Educated in H.K, China, Japan

Disciple of the late Dr. Iu Hai Su, China.

Got some international Awards

Scholarship from Japan Education Department, research student of Tokyo University of Fine Arts,1985

Examiner, Visual Arts, H.K.SAR, Arts Deveopment Council

Chairwoman of Xue Hai Asia Arts Association


Zhangjiajie in Hunan province has a picturesque landscape: amid the distinctive mountains, rare pines compete for gracefulness, running streams are bright and clear, alluding to the land of paradise.







Nude drawing


Ink on paper

30cm X 60cm


Kei Him CHAN 陳其謙


Teach visual art subject in secondary school for 30 years.


I like to make sketches of nude models because it is quite a taboo subject. And I like to draw it intentionally different from the academic way with Chinese brush and ink to express freely the structure and movement of the human body which I feel like to capture. It is the freedom of expression and searching for rules which fits me which I treasure.






Lam Wai Yu_Survivors (Print)_2011

1. Survivors


Relief Print ( Woodcut)

91 cm x 61 cm


Lam Wai Yu_Untold Tales (Monoprint)_2015


2. Untold Tales



30 cm x 21 cm


Wai Yu LAM 林惠如


Lam Wai Yu graduated with a B. A. degree in Fine Arts and received a Postgraduate Diploma from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Panel head of Visual Arts at Our Lady’s College (1989 – 2013). She serves at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Heritage Museum as a part time docent.

Lam has exhibited both locally and internationally starting in 1980 through today. Her works are collected by The Chinese University of Hong Kong , Museums of Art , Silpakorn University of Thailand and private collectors.


1. The magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck north-east Japan on 11 March 2011. It triggered a tsunami and radiation leaks from the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The incident caused extensive damage and thousands of lives were lost. The devastating consequences turned the disaster area into ruins and left the survivors bereft. The artist wishes to use her piece to express her feelings of sympathy.

2. The Orthodox churches, historic buildings, revolution relics, landscapes and folk traditions of the Balkans made an unforgettable impression on me.







As time goes by


Ink , gold lacquer, paper

64 x 64 cm


Sing Yiu WONG 黃成耀


Graduated from Fine Arts Department, CUHK, in 1980, and being the Chairman of The Alumni Association of Fine Arts Department of CUHK., I have been a visual arts teacher at a secondary school for more than thirty years, with keen interest in Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink painting. Achievements: Individual Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings of Wong Sing Yiu 1988; Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial, Museum of Art, Hong Kong 1981; Alumni Art Exhibition 1981 - 2014; writing chapters of Chinese calligraphy for a secondary school art textbook Exploration of Arts & Design (3) in 1999. Paintings are on display or in collections in Fine Arts Department of CUHK and in a number of private institutions.


Calligraphy design creation, concentrating on the expression of the beauty of Chinese Calligraphic lines, form, space and color.









Water, ink + acrylic on xuan paper

58 x 34.5


Goretti Shuk Ye YEUNG



1980 Graduated from Hong Kong Chinese University

Teaching Visual Art in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools until 1996.

1996 Settled in Australia

2008-2013 Facilitator of art programs with seniors in Nursing Home in Sydney

2012 - Member of Australia Chinese Painting Society

2009 - 2015 Joint group art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Sydney.

I enjoy the experience in appreciating, studying and making art with the people from all different ages and cultural background.








In the morning


Ink on Rice paper

150cm x 50cm


Julie Oi Man TONG 唐凱文


As Tong got a BA and MA Degrees in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she achieved a Bachelor Degree of Art and Design in Education in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, also an advanced Certificate of Art Education in Liverpool University of UK. Tong joins joint Exhibitions in Tai Wan and Hong Kong since she works as an art teacher. Her works collected by private collectors.


Tong pays great interest in natural forms and tries to reform them into her ways.  Therefore she can wander outside the world mentally.







Chinese Lines, lining up ---  Seal script (1/15 of the full picture)


Chinese ink on paper

35 cm x 23 cm


Ada Kwok Ping TAM 譚國平


BA in Fine Art ( Chinese University of Hong Kong)

M Ed ( University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Founder of The Big Apple creativity studio, HK.

Experienced Art tutor


To show the special of our Chinese lines:

Firstly, the development of Chinese lines are shown from ancient to now. Then the words are lining up with the reading order being from top to down and right to left.








As simple as — (yi)


Digital Imaging

71 cm x 71 cm


Joyce HO 何仲詩


Joyce is a Hong Kong born Chinese. She has been undergoing Shi (scholar), Nong (farmer), Gong (artisan), Shang (merchant), four classes of ancient China, in her career since graduated.  She uses digital imaging to pursue her passion in practicing literati painting.


The artist use modern literati stationary to illustrate the simplest Chinese character in different calligraphy style.








Life Capsules in a Luggage


Mixed media

30 cm x 40 cm x  6  pcs


Yim Wan LAU 劉艷雲


A cat lover who pets more than 20 cats. My works are inspired by my daily life , which is full of both bitter and sweet with cats.


There is something that you can never make it clear.







Dragon and Bird


Acrylic on silk

36 cm x 240 cm x 2 pcs.


Yuen SIN  


SIN Yuen recent works are all about the diversity of lines expression. Starting from the trace of water dripping to the adoption of traditional Chinese line drawing……,

Using lines to describe a space, by outline those element which always being overlook in our daily life. Mapping ready-made objects in a specific space with lines, strengthen the spatial relationship between objects and the space , ensure their value of existence even after their original function being removed.


Silhouette of plants, letter forms of longitude and latitude are used to describe the space where Fung Shui was set up. Line drawing of water in Chinese painting style is a symbol of trace which I move and live within this specific space.








Chinese Line--Calm


Chinese Painting and calligraphy

(A set of two pieces)



Ying LAU  


Being a secondary visual arts and drama teacher is a challenging work but full of laughing.  Teacher has been grown with students through art works creation and each activity from planning to performance or exhibition.  We have overcome each barrier by enjoyment, sharing and positive belief.


In our busy HK daily life, we almost forget how to return to the peace and tranquility mind. The Chinese aesthetic judgment is similar to the philosophy thinking of Dao.  I tried to present the feeling and spiritual searching through the special linear calligraphy and forms of plants in quiet atmosphere. Hope you enjoy it and try to appreciate to our “Chinese Lines”.







Cat yawns


Ink and Chinese colour on silk

45 cm x 45 cm


Lai Kwan CHAN 陳麗君


Born and educated in Hong Kong. Teaching in a secondary school. Cat lover, most of her inspirations comes from cats.


Do cats yawn when they are sleepy? They always yawn and do sleep a lot!

Cats purr loudly when they are happy, claw fiercely when they get angry. Cats do express themselves by their moves and faces. Being a cat lover, she enjoys cats’ funny face expressions.







A birthday celebration


Ink and colour on paper

100 cm x 32 cm


Eve Yee Ting LEUNG 梁依廷


Leung Yee Ting, Eve received her BA in 2010 and MFA in 2012 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She likes the artistic spirit of traditional Chinese painting and the poetic expression. Her works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art and private collectors.


The idea originates from two quotes about food by Confucius and Mencius. Humans have a natural desire for food because it is critical to human survival. Therefore, I believe that human desire for beauty is also natural, most primitive and basic.







Rock and Rou


Ink and color on paper

40 cm x 90 cm


Yee Ki WONG 黃綺琪


Wong received her BA (2010) and MFA (2013) from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialises in Chinese Gongbi Painting. She lives and works in Hong Kong, and takes part in International exhibitions both overseas and in Hong Kong. Private collectors collect her works.


Rou Rou Zi draws reference from both the Chinese “lucky boys” and the fictional character Pinocchio, it reflects the images of humankind, and also to some extend, is a self portrait of the artist. Though they are weak and powerless in her eyes, they do not give up in pursuing a “real life” through a tangible fight against the dishonest, hypocrites and callousness.







The Locker


Oil on Canvas

27 cm x 48 cm


Yin To LAU 劉彥韜


Lewis LAU (b.1988) is born and based in Hong Kong. I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Department of Fine Arts (BA in 2010 and MFA in 2012).

Always experiences the loneliness and insecure in different stage of life just like most of us nowadays, I transformed this status into oil painting. I paint from photographs which I find suitable momentarily, but instead of copying them directly, I have chosen only the elements that are important to the feeling or memory, and captured the space with a symbolic object to represent the strolling life in the city.










Acrylic on Canvas

41 cm x 41 cm x 2 cm


Sau Lan CHAU 周秀蘭


I like painting. I didn’t have a fixed style. Sometimes, my painting is childish. Sometimes, I paint photorealism painting. At this moment, I would develop both styles because I think both styles are interesting.


When it rains, ripples spread across the puddles. The lines come and go in ceaseless motion which resembles shifts of culture throughout the history of China.







A piece of silence


Ink on Chinese Paper with color

30 cm x 42 cm (without flame)

45 cm x 68 cm (flame included)


Vicky Yim Ting HO 何艷婷


Received professional training from the Dept. of Fine Arts, Ho was also being granted a full scholarship for further studies in the Performance and Cultural Industry in the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Now she is working as an Assistant Curator in a public museum, at the same time taking her Master Degree of Visual Culture Studies in CUHK, also to draw and to teach Arts sometimes. For her, the live in Hong Kong is horribly busy to the point that: It’s NEVER enough for a day even with 240 hours!


Part of my painting is imitated from a senior Chinese Painter Mr. Zhou Zhong Yao. In traditional Chinese Painting, art learners are always encouraged to take master pieces as model, to follow their use of water, color and ink, also to learn about the composition. To me, recently drawing Chinese Painting is as a necessary way to relax and to imitate the peaceful mind of antecessors in busy daily live.









Earthenware, Stain and oxide

20 cm x 26 cm x 3 pcs.


Mei Ting SZE 施美婷


Sze Mei Ting graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in 2011. Now, she is studying Master of Fine Art at the University of Reading in the UK. Mei is a multimedia artist who is using painting brush to knit protective clothing for animals. On the other hand, she is exploring the possibilities of ceramics practice and experimenting different printing techniques with clay.


These three flat pieces is using ceramics printing techniques. It is combined different scales of circular forms.







Air between us



30 cm x 30 cm


Dorothy NGAN 顏素茵



An artist who is deep in thinking and falls in love with books. Live in measurement, with fast-pacing at heart but create slowly. Interested in knowing how people see and notice things.









2015 My Nature Series – Grassland(I)


Acrylic , Wood Board

40 cm x 60 cm


Bin Lin KO 高便蓮



Devoted in glass making, sculpture and farming for years. MA of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Love to teach and share the joy of creation with people with different abilities.

Subject matter focuses on the nature. Explore the connection between people and the nature through dialogue. Embrace life and looking into the meaning of life.


Wing blows and grasses head down.

Green grass grows eternally.

A moment of the nature is frozen in a corner.

The corner wanders around quietly.

Let's the smell of nature go into life – your and my life.

Whispering the tale of nature.






Chinese line 2015


Chinese Line


Oil, acrylic & color paper on canvas

16" x 8" x 2



Amy Iat Kuan TAI




Amy Tai received her BA in fine Arts (Painting: High distinction) from RMIT, Australia and MA in fine Arts from CUHK. She has held 5 solo and over 30 group exhibitions in Hong Kong AustraliaTaipei Macau. She works have been shortlisted at Charriol Foundation 2006 and The Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2013. As the artists The West Kowloon International sculpture symposium in 2009


“Chinese line is a virtual line color display, the artist hope that expresses her sense of responsibilty and feedback to the cultural and educational society.











50 cm x 50 cm


Sandra Nga Shan CHUNG




Dance movement and rhythm inspire my work; my body is a reflection to the process. I simply use basic techniques to create an abstract form, almost like a random object creation based on my body movement. The object is a reflection on expression. I am not producing a form, but producing a repetition process. I wanted to experiment with paper, yarn and wire thought my hand.


My work is a medication process as a reflection between self and space thought a robotic repetition tearing and weaving like movement.







Singing in the Rain


ink and color on golden cardboard

27 cm x 24 cm


Ka Wai CHEUK 卓家慧


Cheuk received her B.A. with first class honors in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012 and is now studying Master of Fine arts at the CUHK. She specializes in bird-and-flower painting in Chinese gongbi (fine-brush) style. Cheuk’s work explores the ambiguity between reality and imagination. New horizons are regularly present in the delicate images with a quiet atmosphere. Many of her works became a part of private collections.


This painting was created during the Umbrella Movement of Hong Kong in 2014, aiming at cheering up people who dare to hold their beliefs and fight for democracy and freedom of speech under suppression.







Curiosities of life


mixed media on paper

34 cm x 40 cm x 2 pcs.


Wai Yee CHAN 陳慧而


Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and received a bachelor degree of Fine Arts in 2012. I like collecting seashells and connecting to Nature. I draw, read and write; I am content with what I am doing now.


“You have opened my mind

By showing me all the curiosities of life

Bird’s name, seashell species

The warm sun touches

The migratory birds sit on the branches

My heart throbbing delightfully

A tiny silvery shell reflects

Light upon my face”








Dancing Men II


Media Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas

37 cm x 45 cm


Snowy Suet Yi CHAN 陳雪兒


Suet Yi Chan is graduated from the Department of Fine Arts in the

Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is focusing on paintings

and drawings. The atmosphere of stillness and silence are

commonly found insides the works which she created. Most of her

works are being exhibited in Hong Kong and Europe and she is

currently staying in Europe to take part in different art experience

as a residency artist in different European countries such as Norway, Germany and Spain.







Loose String


Oil on canvas

120 cm x 90 cm


Ed Wing Sang CHAN 陳泳生


Born in 1987 in China, Chan Wing-sang moved to Hong Kong in 1995. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts in 2012. He works and lives in Hong Kong. He works predominantly in the medium of painting and mixed-media. His works developed from simple units to form an intricate framework. The repeated actions rearrange the space and the subject.


The cloth gains its form from the object. The draperies provide a possibility for narrating the form and body. The indirect description hides and breaks the human form and gives a vague image. The whiteness is a color of "emptiness", it provides a space for the body underneath to exist and dissolve.. The harder I try to clarify the figure behind, the more I lost in the intricate network and more uncertain of what I am seeing.







Citi Fish


Water colour on paper



Nga Yan CHUNG 鍾雅欣


I has practiced painting, sculpture, installation, photography, sound and video artworks, and diaoist research during my bachelor degree of Fine Arts study in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. About my works, they are the photograms, printmaking, painting and mixed media which had been shown in gallery, public places and the malls of Hong Kong individually and joint in group.


Once, I discovered a fish (Candlefish, which is very common in Asian water) looking at me for certain long when I was swimming. I was wandered where it goes. Wandering animals in the city make a weird and wonderful experience for me like a traveller in another country. Observe them and record them to organize appropriate reflection, so my duty is recording them for their appearance as such moment.







“Missing dew”


Chinese Ink on Paper

200 cm x 92 cm


Sze Wai WONG 黃詩慧


Born in Hong Kong in 1990. Wong Sze-Wai graduated from the Chinese University of Fine Arts. She mainly focus on the relationship between people and her memories. The painting process repeated her memories on the paper.


The Carnival in Austria, Graz.







In the emptiness of cassette – Meet a little me.


Chinese Ink on Paper, Sink , Silver, Acrylic Board

30 cm x 30cm x 2cm


Kwun Ting HO 何冠廷


HO tends to conjure the old memories of belief and imagination with an ethereal form and a mood of losing to old daily objects in his creation. His works inform daily experiences and social development.


Coincidentally, I have found out a cassette record tape which was recorded quietly by my brother, and it named “A Daily Conversation”. Air sound fills up the whole tape. I have tried to differentiate the clear and the confused conversation with different volume in different time. Sometimes I was able to recognize a familiar voice and tried hard to search for myself from tape. I have met myself who was from 20years ago.







Hiding in Love II


Ink and color on paper

110 cm x70 cm

 (estimate mounted size: 200 cm x 90cm)


Zaffer Sui Ying CHAN 陳瑞瑩


Zaffer Chan Sui Ying was born in 1991, Hong Kong. Graduated from Fine Arts Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she worked primarily with fine brush Chinese painting technique, using meticulous contours to depict flower and nature. She sees painting as a way of awakening indescribable sensations, like ambiguous feeling and mood. she has recently attempted to create a new body of  landscape paintings that combine fine brush with the use of splash ink. Narrative motifs and classical repertoires are in harmony with abstract landscape ink painting, representing a new gaze at nature.Zaffer Chan Sui Ying was born in 1991, Hong Kong. Graduated from Fine Arts Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she worked primarily with fine brush Chinese painting technique, using meticulous contours to depict flower and nature. She sees painting as a way of awakening indescribable sensations, like ambiguous feeling and mood. she has recently attempted to create a new body of  landscape paintings that combine fine brush with the use of splash ink. Narrative motifs and classical repertoires are in harmony with abstract landscape ink painting, representing a new gaze at nature.








1. Couplet at Zuo Zong-tang’s Plum Blossom Garden


Chinese Ink on Paper

138 cm x 34.6 cm

2. Excerpt from Tao Te Ching


Chinese Ink on Paper

138 cm x 34.5 cm


Chor Kiu WONG 黃楚翹


Wong graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014. She is keen on figure drawing, bird-and-flower painting and Chinese calligraphy and specialises in regular and semi-running scripts. She has won many awards including second runner-up in Au Kin Kung Memorial Calligraphy Competition organised by Chung Chi College CUHK.


1. 發上等願, 結中等綠,享下等福; 擇高處立,尋平處往,向寬處行。

meaning,“Establishing aspirations and goals, we feel an affinity with whoever we meet and lead a normal life; Showing foresight and a vision, we leave room for unseen circumstances and yet keep a low profile.”The 24-character couplet are written as advice on constructing a moderate virtue ethics within the deontological principle."

2. “道可道,非常道,名可名,非常名。無名,天地之始,有名,萬物之母。”

meaning, "The Tao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Tao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name. (Conceived of as) having no name, it is the Originator of heaven and earth; (conceived of as) having a name, it is the Mother of all things."