We are CUHK alumni living in Texas, the Lone Star State in the USA. We usually do not wear cowboy boot and eat steak only occasionally. Many live in Houston and are fans of Yao Ming, the retired Rocketeer. You can now add Jeremy Lin. Houston is ranked as the most diverse city in the US and there are always some festivals going on. However, most of us prefer dim sum and chatting more.

CUHK is of course always a big part of our conversation. Many of us did not know each other back in Hong Kong. We found our shared background and tie to CUHK to be a great foundation to cultivate our friendship. Shrimp dumplings also helped.

CUHK CNY Dinner 2012

(Photo: 2012 Chinese New Year banquet)

歡 迎

我 們 是 一 班 住 在 德 克 薩 斯 州 的 中 文 大 學 校 友, 其 中 大 多 聚 居 於 候 斯 頓 。我 們 有 常 規 性 經 年 活 動 。這 個 網 址 會 提 供 一 些 有 關 我 們 活 動 的 介 紹 及 照 片 說 明 。 請 隨 便 溜 覽, 說 不 定, 你 會 在 這 裡 找 到 你 的 老 朋 友!

Please feel free to browse our website for news, gallery of past events, and other information. Maybe you would find a long lost friend here. If you happen to come to Houston and want to visit some CUHK alumni, please contact us. We promise to be a good host with a choice of dim sum, Tex Mex, or other local or international food.


Thanks to Jick and Ellen (5/02)

Jick and Ellen

Ellen and Jick in a sea of blue bonnet

Many members had served as past presidents or executive committee members. We owe them a big thank you for their dedication in organizing wonderful events in the past. It will take too much space to individually thank all of them (and their spouses) here. However, in the hope of improving our chance of eating more excellent dishes by his wife Ellen 黃建華, we cannot resist to show our appreciation to our past president Mr. Jick Wong王植頤 (NA Bio 1966). As our dear leader in the past four years, Jick tirelessly led us in organizing events, chatting, eating and joking around (not necessarily in this order of consummation). Thank you, Jick and Ellen.

New Executive Committee


President: Kwok-Bun Yue 余國斌 (CC Phys 1978)
Vice President: Wai-Ching Ho 何惠清 (CC Phys 1970)
Secretary: Julie Ho 何思敏 (SC BA 1992)
Treasurer: Patti Fung Yee Cheng 戴鳳意(NA Chem 1976)
Recreaton: Louis Mak 麥景皓 (CC Bio 2009) & Sunny Lau 劉毓蒿 (UC Chem 1972)
General Affair: Eastwood Leung 梁漢釗 (NA Bio 1989)

Quick Coordinate

EMail: aa-texas at alumni.cuhk.edu.hk

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Past Presidents

Paul Kit-Sing Au 歐結成 (CC Bio 1982)
Pui Kwong Chan 陳沛光 (CC Bio 1971)
Lie K. Djiauw. 饒宜康 (CC Phys 1968)
K. C. Kwan 關啟祥 (NA BA 1977)
Jick Wong 王植頤 (NA Bio 1966)
Kwok-Bun Yue 余國斌 (CC Phys 1978)