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            歷史系是中文大學的基石。近代中國的變革促使文化人南下,他們孕育了歷史系,也興辦了中文大學。在風雨飄搖的六十年中,歷史系與中 大維持著並生與共進的優良而獨特之傳統。錢穆、嚴耕望、孫國棟、余英時等歷史系前人的貢獻,證明了對於一所以「結合傳統與現代,融會中國 與西方」為使命的研究型綜合大學來說,以「究天人之際,通古今之變」為抱負,強調多元跨領域學術訓練的歷史系不但是實踐大學理念的根基, 也是促使中大精進日新,卓立於世界的前哨。

歷史人是中華民族的靈魂。一個民族的興亡;一個國家的盛衰皆取決於歷史因素。歷史就是紀錄;就是故事;就是回憶,而靈魂的塑造和精神的陶 鑄離不開累積經驗和追尋主體的人文精神。中華民族也不例外。中大歷史人所必修的中國史,不只是中國人的故事;也是中國人的回憶;更是中國 人的生命。鑑往知來,只有知道怎樣走過來,才知道怎樣走下去,也只有知道民族如何走下去的人方能領風氣之先,掌時馭變,運籌帷幄,這就是 靈魂之所在。人失去了靈魂就是死人;國沒有靈魂尤如亡國,歷史人讀通了國家的過去,也掌握了國家的未來。

歷史學是人類文明的光。光代表了智慧。歷史是人類智慧積累而來的產物。歷史學不是平鋪直敘的將事情記載下來,而是通過發問;探究;分析; 歸納,以實證的精神;治學的態度和精煉的文筆躍然紙上。歷史學是一門專業的學術;也是一門優美的藝術,在思考人類文明發展的過程中,配合 恆常與變革的考慮,透過出土文物、圖像、歌舞、展覽等各個範疇研究歷史、匯聚智慧。光也相對黑暗。當社會面臨危機時,歷史讓我們參考過去 的相似情景及解決方法,剖析成敗,權衡利弊,將有助解除當前的厄困,給予人類世界方向和溫暖。

為此,我們矢志成為香港最優秀的校友組織之一,使過去、現在和將來的歷史系同學、同事和所有對歷史感興趣的朋友,皆能以史為榮,竭誠貢獻 歷史事業。我們本著「今日我以歷史系為榮;明日歷史系以我為榮」的精神,百折不撓,為大學;為中華民族;為人類文明成就耀眼光芒。




Spirit of establishing the Chinese University of Hong Kong History Alumni Association (CUHAA)

The Department of History (the Department) is a foundation of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (the University). With transformation of contemporary China , scholars came to south from north. They gestated the Department and built the University. Despite facing numerous trials and hardships over the previous six decades, they have maintained a prestigious and distinctive relationship like a pair of Siamese twins in seeking continuous improvement in concert. Contributions of predecessors like CH’IEN Mu, YAN Geng-wang, SUN Guo-dong and YU Ying-shih have manifested a fact that for a comprehensive research-led university that shoulders a mission “to integrate tradition and modernity and amalgamate China and the West”, the Department that commits to “studying nature and human and comprehending transformation of past and present” and emphasizes diversified and multi-dimensional academic pursuits is not only a base to realize university ideals, but also a forerunner of persistent enhancement of the University.

Historians are the soul of the Chinese nation. Rise or decline of a nation and blossoming and subjugation of a state hinges on historical factors. History is records, stories and memories. Humanism that embraces accumulation of experiences and pursuit of subjectivism moulds a soul and shapes a spirit. Chinese nation is no exemption. Core lessons in Chinese history for our students are not only stories of Chinese, but also memories and lives across generations of Chinese. Understanding the present comes from examination of the past. Only those who know how we have proceeded in time to the present will be able to envisage how we should step forward to the future. Only those who are knowledgeable enough to envisage the way forward of the nation can lead the trend; give timely response to grasp the moments of transformation; and to map out strategies ahead of action in a command tent. This is where the soul is. A man without a soul is dead; a country without a soul no longer a country. Historians understand thoroughly the past of the state and simultaneously, historians master the future of a nation.

History is the light of human civilization. Light represents wisdom. History is a collection of human wisdom. History is not plain recording of hard facts, but a vivacious compilation of collective experiences of human through questioning, exploration, analysis and induction on the basis of positivism, a serious attitude in academic pursuit and brilliant literary skills.  History is a subject of profession and a beautiful art. In thinking about the process of human development with perspectives of normality and transformation, history converges wisdoms from studying unearthed relics, pictographs, musical pieces, dancing as well as exhibitions. Light is the opposite of darkness.  When a society faces crises, history helps people make reference to similar circumstances and solutions learnt from the past. Review of success and failure and calculation of benefit and cost in history may assist human being to resolve existing adversities and give the world warmth and directions.

Hence, we are determined to become one of the most outstanding alumni organizations of the territory, empowering past, present and future students, colleagues and those who are interested in history to take pride of history and contribute themselves to the history career. We insist on the principle – “I am proud of the History Department today; and the History Department shall be proud of me tomorrow” by perseverance to be eye-brightened for the University, for Chinese nation and for human civilization.

Founding President

TSE Sheung-wai