Standing Committee

The 2023/2024 Standing Committee
(Effective on September 1, 2023)

Chairman: Mr. Yeung Yu Ming Kelvin (BSC 2004, MPHIL 2006)
Vice-Chairman: Ms. Cheung Fuk Ying Jade * (MA 2009)
Members: (By Election)
Ms. Leung Suk Yu * (BSSC 2006)
(By Co-option)
Ms. Wong Chui Hung Anny (BA 1995)
Mr. Ng Yuen Hing Charles (BBA 1983, MBA 2005)
(Nominated by The Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK)
Ms. Kwok Pik Lin Barbara *## (BSSC 1975)
Mr. Wong Ka Lok * (BBA 1998)
Mr. Lam Wai Hung Enders *## (BBA 1987)
Mr. Lo Tsz Wing Hardy * (BSSC 1993, MBA 2016)
Mr. Cheng Che Hung Danny * (DIPED 1986)
Secretary of Standing Committee: (appointed by Director of Alumni Affairs)
Starting from September 1, 2023, Mr. Yeung will continue to hold the office until the vacancy is filled at the AGM or for one year, whichever is shorter
* The term of office to expire on August 31, 2024
The term of office up to the AGM 2022 when a new replacement member shall be elected
## elected to represent the Convocation on the University Council until July 3, 2025