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Ladies and flowers

(Photo: our lady members enjoying the rare blooming of Epiphyllum oxypetalum, 曇花一現. See whether you know who is who: Joanna Ho 何蘊嫻, Lisa Wong 李麗嫦, Patti Fung Yee Cheng 戴鳳意, Elaine Chan 鄧一瀾, Mimi Kwan 黃愛薇 and Fung Yung Leung 梁鳳玉 )

Flag Over Texas


Our association flag shows up in our activities and attracts by passers. This was how K.C. Kwan 關啟祥 first learnt about the association. He later became our president for several years.

Quick Fact

The oldest person ever attended our activity was 95 year old. We are still debating the definition of determining the age of the youngest person.