Gallery: 2/17/2013 Chinese New Year Banquet

2013 CNY

2013 Chinese New Year Album

Gallery: 9/29/2012 Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

2012 Mid Autumn

2012 Mid Autumn Festival Celebration Album

Gallery: 1/29/2012 Chinese New Year Banquet

2012 Chinese New Year

2012 Chinese New Year Album

Gallery: 9/11/2011 Mid Autumn Festival Banquet

Mid Autumn Festival, 2011

2011 Mid Autumn Festival Album

Gallery: 2/15/2011 Chinese New Year Banquet

CNY 2011

(Photo: New year wishes from Mike Wa-Lap Fan 樊偉立 and Mei-Rong Tse 謝美容 ) 2011 Chinese New Year Banquet Album

Best Dressed!

Nancy Kwai-fun Lo 勞李桂芬 (NA Journal 79) and Steven Kwong-Por Lo 勞廣波were deemed to be best dressed for the Chinese New Year banquet.

Nancy and Steven

Distant Guests

Dr. and Mrs. John Chan, Med faculty and former association members visited Houston and attended our 2012 Chinese New Year banquet.

Dr. and Mrs. Chan

Battleline drawn

Our table of younger and more energetic members and guests relaxed before taking on the food.

2012 CNY Talbe